Fainchtein, Rahel A., Adam J. Aviv, and Micah Sherr. โ€œUser Perceptions of the Privacy and Usability of Smart DNS.โ€ In Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), 2022.

Smart DNS (SDNS) services enable their users to avoid geographic restrictions to content (i.e., geoblocking) with minimal internet quality of service overhead. While previous research has shown that usage of SDNS has numerous associated privacy risks, the security and privacy perceptions of users of SDNS are unexplored. In this paper, we perform a survey of ๐‘› = 63 SDNS users, finding that many have limited understandings both of how these systems work and their overall security/privacy properties. As a result, many users put undue trust in purveyors of SDNS services and in the security they provide.

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