Reading Group

The SecLab holds biweekly (as in, fortnightly) readings.

The reading group is managed by Ryan Wails.

Seminars in Fall 2020 will be held virtually on Zoom. Please contact Ryan for details.

Date Speaker Paper Food Location
10th November 2020 Steve Ribaudo Whatever's in your pantry Webinar via Zoom
6th October 2020 Ben Ujcich Whatever's in your pantry Webinar via Zoom
3rd March 2020 Rahel Fainchtein
Daniel Kales et al.,
Mobile Private Contact Discovery at Scale.
USENIX Security '19
[Rahel's Slides]
Fruit STM 347
18th February 2020 Ryan Wails
Arvind Narayanan and Vitaly Shmatikov,
Robust De-anonymization of Large Sparse Datasets.
Oakland '08
Cupcakes STM 347